Strategic Underground Gas Storages (SUGS)

A Feasibility Study on the development of Underground Gas Storages (Project) in Pakistan was conducted by the Consultant (SOFREGAZ France) on the directions of MOEPD, which was funded by Asian Development Bank in 2007.

The feasibility study has now been updated by ADB appointed Consultant. The Consultant has recommended Khorewah, Bukhari and Turk gas fields for conversion into underground gas storage. Among these three options, Khorewah is recommended as the most favorable field for gas storage.

Gas Field: Khorewah

Storage Capacity: 42 Bcf

Peak withdrawal Capacity: 792 MMcfd

Injection Capacity: 396 MMcfd

  • The Planning commission (CDWP) of Pakistan has approved the PC-II, to conduct bankable feasibility study and transaction advisory services.
  • ADB on December 2021 approved Technical Assistance Program for updating the feasibility study to a bankable level, preparation of legal regulatory framework and financial and economic due diligence.
  • ISGS and ADB finalized the TORs for hiring the Transaction Advisor (TA). ADB is engaged in hiring of the Technical Consultant and Transaction Advisor.