All executives of ISGS are required to conduct their behavior within the laid down behavioral standards as communicated to them from time to time. To facilitate executives to maintain a healthy and cooperative working environment ISGS provides different platforms and mechanism to address and resolve their issues.

This portion of chapter provides details of all those policies and standards that are intended to provide guidelines and parameters based on which executives’ behavior will be judged and aligned.

ISGS shall provide equal employment opportunities to qualified individuals regardless of race, color, ethnicity, caste, gender, origin, ancestry, religion, age, disability, or marital status in consistent with laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Harassment of executives in the workplace based on a characteristic protected by law, such as sex, race, color, ethnicity, caste, ancestry, religion, age, disability or marital status is counter to the mission of ISGS and a violation of Pakistan laws. It is ISGS policy to prohibit harassment of any of its executives by anyone, including any Line Manager, co-worker, vendor, client or customer. For the purposes of this policy, “workplace” also includes organization sponsored social events, work related travel or similar situations connected with employment.

ISGS take allegations of harassment seriously, responds promptly to complaints and do not tolerate retaliation against individuals alleging or cooperating with an investigation of harassment. Where it is determined that inappropriate conduct has occurred, ISGS act promptly to eliminate the conduct and impose corrective action as necessary up to and including termination of executives responsible for such acts and severing relationships with vendors, clients or customers.

ISGS requires all of its executives to abstain/refrain from any sort of child abuse which could be physical, sexual and emotional abuse, and neglect forms. Child labor as per law is strictly prohibited. Violence against any person, property or organization in any form including but not limited to assault or battery is prohibited.

ISGS is a non-sectarian, apolitical, profit oriented business house working across Pakistan without regard to sectarian or political considerations in areas where we work. It is, therefore, necessary for all ISGS executives, both individually and collectively, to abstain from any activity that may be perceived as aligning them or ISGS for or against a sectarian or political cause, issue or faction.

Adherence to this policy is one of ISGS major strengths; it underpins much of our effectiveness and is a condition for assignment to any ISGS position. Employees at all levels are required to comply with this policy in order to preserve and enhance this organization’s reputation and effectiveness.

Individuals may, of course, speak out as individuals on matters of personal concern, and this policy in no way abrogates that right. Care must be taken, however, to assure that such statements are neither made, nor are likely to be interpreted as being made, on behalf of ISGS. For example, ISGS stationery should never be used in making personal statement.

In politically sensitive situations, Employees must be acutely aware of how their words and actions impact those around them, as whatever they say or do, will very likely be interpreted as reflecting ISGS position. Each staff member must, therefore, exercise prudence, common sense and sensitivity in assessing each situation carefully before speaking out in sensitive situations.

ISGS maintains working environment free from the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs. In recognition of the serious consequences to ISGS, all its executives are subject to the following:

Any executive who unlawfully manufactures, distributes, dispenses, possesses, uses or is impaired by a controlled substance or who manufactures, distributes, dispenses, possesses, uses or is impaired by alcohol on the job, whether on or off ISGS property, will be subject to discipline, up to and including immediate termination. Strict compliance with this policy is a condition of employment.

All executives, as a condition of employment, are required to notify HR or HOD of any criminal drug statute conviction for a violation involving a controlled substance, as per laws of Pakistan, occurring on the job no later than five (5) days after such conviction. ISGS intends to vigorously enforce this Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy. ISGS reserves sole right to conduct a drug test of any executive suspected of using violation of this policy.

ISGS policy requires that each executive be free of any personal interest that could influence his or her judgment or action in the conduct of organizational business or affect his or her responsibility to ISGS. An executive must not only avoid situations that give rise or could give rise to a conflict of interest, but also situations that create the appearance of a conflict of interest.

This policy is not intended to detail every situation that could give rise to a conflict of interest. A person with ordinary good judgment should know whether or not a particular activity involves an actual or potential conflict. Where there is a doubt, the matter should be brought to the attention of the HR/OD Department who will take action as appropriate.

No executive may serve as a director, officer, executive, partner, consultant, agent or representative of an organization not affiliated with ISGS if the potential for a conflict of interest exists.

No executive or his family member may get involved, directly or indirectly, with any business organization which does or seeks to do business with ISGS, unless the interest or obligation has been fully disclosed in writing to the executive’s Line Manager, HR/OD Department and Managing Director. A “family member”, for purposes of this policy, includes a close relative (by blood or marriage) and also any person living in the same household with the executive.

Any financial interest in, involvement with or loan from an organization that might influence the judgment or action of an executive in the conduct of ISGS activities will be considered “significant”. A loan from a financial institution at prevailing interest rates and on commercial terms may be disregarded if otherwise restricted by prudential regulations or any other regulation prevailing in the country.

A conflict of interest may also exist when an executive engages in an independent business venture or performs work or services for another organization to the extent that the activity prevents the executive from devoting the time and effort to the Organization, required by his or her position. The written approval of the MD/HR Committee must be obtained in the case of all full-time executives in such situations.

No executive or member of his family may accept, directly or indirectly, any gift, entertainment of favor from an individual, private or public organization that stand to benefit from an action of ISGS except for promotional-type gifts and entertainment, meals and social invitations that are in keeping with good business ethics and that obligate neither the recipient nor ISGS. For example, if a vendor offers free or reduced services or goods to an executive or to a member of an executive’s family in exchange for a contract with ISGS, this is considered a conflict of interest and must be immediately reported to the HR/OD Department.

Payment of commercial transportation, hotel room or other living and traveling expenses must not be accepted or permitted, except when travel and participation are as part of a group hosted by a supplier or customer representative, is business related and is promptly reported to management.

No executive or member of his family may accept directly or indirectly any gift neither in kind nor in cash, from a current or potential ISGS beneficiary. An ordinary meal is acceptable only when it is customary and obligates neither the recipient nor ISGS.

It is never permissible to accept a gift in cash, cash equivalents or securities of any amount. If there is any doubt as to whether it is proper or not proper to accept a gift, travel, entertainment, etc., HR/OD Department of ISGS should be consulted.

Information (e.g. future business plans, competitive bids, sponsorships, executive lists etc.) obtained as a result of employment that is not generally available to the public, may not be communicated to any individual(s) or organizations outside ISGS till two years after retirement from the services of ISGS.

A conflict of interest may also exist when an executive, without the knowledge and consent of the ISGS Management, appropriates to himself or herself, or to another person or organization, the benefit of an arrangement of a business venture, opportunity, or potential that the executive learns about or develops in the course of employment and that is related to any current or prospective undertaking of ISGS.

Any executive who is, or thinks he may be, confronted with a conflict of interest situation should immediately request a determination from his Line Manager, HR/OD Department, Company Secretary, Head, MD as to whether, based on full disclosure and consideration of all relevant facts and circumstances, such a situation in fact exists, and if so, what steps should be taken to correct or avoid the situation.

ISGS whistle blowing policy provides an internal procedure to resolve work- related issues fairly. The work problems may be related to situations where executive feel that established Organizational policies and practices have been violated or have not been consistently applied, or to other matters of serious concern to executives. This whistle blowing policy is only exercisable when it is established that grievance policy is not appropriate to follow.

It is also recognized, however, that situations may arise in which the staff member does not wish to go to the Line Manager. In these cases, the staff member may arrange to discuss the problem with the Head of Department or HR. If executives are not satisfied with the resolution of their issue, they always have the option of addressing their concerns with the MD. It is very important that staff members be assured that no matter whom they consult, their standing in the Organization will not be jeopardized and Line Managers will not retaliate against the executive for utilizing the Whistle blowing Procedure. No anonymous applications can be entertained and allegations proven with intentions to disrepute or otherwise will be subject to disciplinary action if necessary.